This Coffee Shop in Okinawa Lets You Multitask While Getting a Massage

You can use your phone while you relax!

Aguro Baisen Coffee
2-24-12 Kume, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Contact: +81-98-862-1995

A massage usually requires you to lie on your back on a bed with your hands draped over the sides, thus eliminating the ability to use your phone. But what if you can get a massage while playing your favorite app at the same time? Japan has done it again, with this great display of ingenuity—and in a coffee shop, to boot. Which means you can get coffee, get a massage, while being able to use your phone (or even a laptop) all at the same time. Talk about serious time management!

No need to worry about ruining your posture when sitting in this smartphone seat!

Aguro Baisen Coffee
in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture has introduced a new type of chair called the “smartphone seat” and has started to offer chair massage services this month. According to the company, it is the first in the world of its kind.

As we all know, using a smartphone or a tablet makes one bend their head down in a forward-tilting position. This makes the head rely on the shoulders and neck, leading them to stiffen in time. At this coffee shop, they have the smartphone seat that incorporates a chest and head padding to support the body weight, thus lessening the stress and burden on the body when leaning forward.

This venture was jointly developed by Aguro Baisen Coffee and Ikoi Orthopedic Clinic. A professional massage on the neck, shoulder, head, and lower back while sitting on the smartphone seat for 10 minutes costs ¥2,000. The coffee shop is also currently developing drinks to be enjoyed before and after the chair massage.

It’s hard to imagine one can get a massage in this homey-looking coffee shop.

According to the manager Kazuya Akamine, “It seems surprising to most that a coffee shop will offer a massage, but the purpose of getting customers to relax is exactly the same. Both coffee and massage also offer a detoxifying effect on the body, so this combination makes a lot of sense. I want many customers to experience this new type of way to relax.”

Would you try this out?

Originally published on PR Times.

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