This New Attraction in Japan Will Literally Keep You on the Edge

Muscle Monster in Kanagawa is not for the faint of heart.

Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest, located in the Northern part of Kanagawa Prefecture, opened its thrilling new attraction Muscle Monster last March. It is the first time that an attraction, which operates mainly in Europe and the United States, will be introduced in Asia.

This hexagon structure consists of three levels of athletic areas, a rooftop observation deck, and 92 kinds of activities. You can cross a bridge to reach the cliff and even ride a flying bicycle.

Muscle Monster makes use of Sagamiko Resort’s rough terrain to add to the thrill. With a height of 16.1 meters and an altitude of 370 meters above sea level, you’ll definitely have a breathtaking view of the landscape, that is, if you’re brave enough to step close to the cliff!

The view from the observation deck at the fifth level of the building is just as amazing. There’s a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and Sagami Lake, and if the weather is sunny and the clouds are right, you might even see Mt.Fuji.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, Yokohama Walker™ (3 February 2017)

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