You Still Have Time to Catch This Beautiful Illumination Event in Nara

It runs from July 13 to September 29.

Lighting-Up Promenade Nara 2019, an annual light-up event, is once again being held this year from July 13 to September 29 around Nara Park. The illumination will take place in several spots including the Heijo Palace ruin (the First Daigokuden and the Suzakumon Gate), Yakushiji Temple (the West Tower), and many others.

Witness this fantastic illumination event!

, a hexagonal arbor on a pond in Nara Park, is also among the illumination spots. During the light-up, the arbor is reflected on the surface of the water and creates a beautiful image. On August 15, you’ll be able to make out a huge bonfire, shaped as a Kanji character 大 which means large, on the slope of Mt. Takamado behind Ukimi-do. 

Go sightseeing and enjoy the light-up event in Nara.

In addition to this, other buildings that represent Nara will also be beautifully illuminated. These include the Kasugataisha Shrine (Ichinotorii), Kofukuji Temple (a five-storey pagoda), Todaiji Temple (Great Buddha, Chumon Gate, Minamimon Gate), Saruzawa Pond, and Nara National Museum's Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall and Buddhist Art Library (designated as an important cultural property).

This light-up event will allow you to admire world heritage sites and historic buildings in a magical atmosphere different from the daytime. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (23 July 2019)

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