This Park in Japan Is Filled With 10,000 Pink Petunias

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Most people would travel to Japan to get a glimpse and take photos of its beautiful cherry blossoms. However, there’s still more to the country’s flora than just
sakura flowers.

Case in point: In Saitama, particularly at the West Flower Garden of
Musashi-Kyuryo National Government Park, petunias are in full bloom until mid-September. 

Petunias are spread all over the field. 

With its many varieties—large, small, and double-flowered—petunias are truly a sight to see in Japan. They come in colors of red, pink, blue, purple, white, and yellow and show a different kind of beauty.

At the park, about 10,000 petunias paint the entire flower field in a bright pink color. Do take note that their flowering time varies depending on the weather conditions. It’s best to contact the management center in advance regarding the schedule so you can appreciate the petunias better when you visit. 

We’re seeing a sea of pink!

“Different flowers are featured each season at the park. Last spring, the flower garden at the west gate area held sky-colored nemophilas. This summer, the 5,000 square meter flower field highlights three varieties of pink-colored petunias—
Supertunia Pink, Supertunia Silverberry, and Cascade-type Petunia. We recommend viewing the flower field from the top of the flower garden so you can enjoy the flowers’ color gradation,” a park representative shares with us. 

In addition to this, the park, which is about 65 times the size of Tokyo Dome, also has other facilities including Japan’s largest air trampoline
Ponpoko Mountain, Mizuasobiba (pool area), Boken Course (obstacle course), Kids Dome (playland), BBQ Jo (BBQ area), Renta Cycle (cycling area) and other spots that people can enjoy with the whole family. Make sure to drop by if you’re traveling to Japan this summer until early autumn!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (20 August 2019)

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