We Found the Perfect Camping Site for the Whole Family in Japan

You can drive your own camping car!

Glamping Fukuoka Budou no Ki
4-10-10 Nishifukuma, Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Contact: +81-120-4649-56
Check-in time is at 4 p.m. (camping car site starts from 12 p.m.), check-out time is at 10 a.m.
Fees: Takenoko Tent starts from ¥11,880, Annex Bldg. and Cottage start from ¥17,280 per person, overnight with two meals. Camping car site overnight fee (Saturdays) for adults cost ¥25,920 per person, preschoolers’ entrance is free. Camping car site overnight fee (weekdays) for adults cost ¥19,440 per person.

Camping is gaining a lot of popularity in Japan. However, despite this trending activity, a lot of parents still worry, whether it’s about not having their own tent for the family, or the overall comfort of their children during this kind of occasion. Here at
Glamping Fukuoka Budou no Ki, there is an answer to their worries. Here, they can drive their own camping car and experience the fun of glamping without the hassle of preparing for it. Check it out!

Glamping on a camping car

Ride a camping car and have an exhilarating road trip by the sea.

Glamping Fukuoka Budou no Ki is a famous glamping facility that is only less than an hour away from Fukuoka City. Feel the refreshing sea breeze while you enjoy the resort-like ambiance of the place located along the coastline. The site is well-designed, with restrooms and an administrative building with a free drink bar situated in an accessible area which makes it easier to roam around with children.

Have a meal inside a tent beside the camping car.

You can also enjoy some BBQ.

Road trip and glamping

Set up a tent beside the camping car.

The camping car overnight plan began February this year. Check-in starts at 12 p.m. so you can initially go on a road trip around the vicinity at noon, then proceed to have dinner at the site and go straight to sleep in the car by night.

Cute decorations adorn the car.

A table that can be converted into a bed is in the living area.

Prepare milk for the little kids with the electric thermos provided and ask for some ice to cool it down.

Worry-free dinner and breakfast

Only the best ingredients for BBQ are served—from locally produced vegetables, beef, and even seafood.

Since the plan is inclusive of meals, you won’t have to worry about preparing food and cleaning up after. Instead, you can spend more time with your kids. You can also bring your own food, so don’t hesitate to bring your children’s favorites!


Try cooking breakfast with your child!

How about a
Sandwich Set (¥1,200) for lunch?

You can reserve a
Burger Steak Set (¥2,700) for your child’s dinner, too.

Warm and cozy bonfire at night

Huddle around the bonfire once the sun sets. If you want some warm snacks, you can ask for marshmallows and roast them by the fire. Bring fireworks and enjoy the rest of the evening with good company and colorful lights. After the bonfire, take a shower to ensure a refreshing sleep.

Share unforgettable memories by the bonfire.

Bring your own fireworks at the bonfire area.

Stylish rooms

Takenoko tent furnished with beds and sofa sets.

Aside from the camping car, there are also other choices to choose from for lodging. That includes the annex building and the
takenoko tent, which are also comfortable. The takenoko tent comes with couches, beds, and a kotatsu (Japanese table with built-in heater and blanket) during the winter.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kyushu Walker™ (24 August 2019)

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